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Vision Statement: Continental Field Systems is striving to be the leader in the industry by setting high standards for machining and welding, through continuous improvement, and by meeting the expectations of our customers, employees, suppliers, and owner.

What we do

On-Site Machining & Welding

Field Operations is most known for our proprietary field equipment. Our equipment is designed, tested, and manufactured in-house. Being able to develop proprietary equipment positions us to .....Read More

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OEM & Shop Manufacturing

CFS began a 20,000 square foot expansion and facility revamp, investing $4 million into product and process improvements. Upon its completion, our shop now encompasses nearly 125,000 square .....Read More

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Laser Tracking & Alignment

New advcances in laser tracking have added another level of expertise no longer required to subcontract. Let CFS inspect, repair, verify, and validiate your equipment to ensure its performing exactly as needed.....Read More

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"Excellent work - very professional. No complaints at all!" Lake Charles, Louisiana

"Excellent workmanship and diligence toward project goal and deadline." York, South Carolina

"I just want to thank you and your staff for your quick response yesterday. Job was completed safe, professionally, and in a timely manner." Cooper River, South Carolina

"CFS employees responded quickly to our emergent needs and provided a quality service. You are fortunate to have employees who perform at such a high level. Mr. Jackson represented your company well." Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee

"I am really impressed by how CFS stepped up and provided seats as quickly as they did. The effort is much appreciated. Thanks for all your help." Escondido, California

"Dale and Jan done an awesome job helping our group and end customer with complete a challenging task. Their quick response assisted our group with completing our task on time and their attention to detail ensured the valve assembly would function correctly after repair. The valve CFS helped us service is still in operation with no interruption to service since repair fall 2014." Suwanee, Georgia

"Thank you for sending professional craftsmen Jan Rose and Maynard Ehrenfeld. Jan and Maynard were on time, cooperative, professional, very precise and a real pleasure to work with. Both men worked very hard to meet an extremely difficult deadline. They are truly an asset to the Continental Field Systems." Farmingdale, New York

"I would like to thank you for providing a first rate crew to support Pilgrim Stations emergent valve work. The crew’s primary assignment involved repairing Pilgrim Stations Feedwater check valve. This valve is a critical component at Pilgrim and required significant oversight and attention to detail. The repair of the check valve involved close tolerance work in an adverse environment under high scrutiny.......

Your valve team did an excellent job supporting the Feedwater outage effort. They demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and were quite capable in the repairs. Their approach to the work, craftsmanship and support of each other was outstanding. Plymouth, Massachusetts

The Continental team conducted itself in a professional manner, and dedication to Pilgrims’ success was evident through preparation and execution of the team’s schedule and the quality of the repair.

I want to recognize and thank the Continentals Teams enthusiastic support in resolving an important component repair at Pilgrim Station." Plymouth, Massachusetts

"Quality of work was satisfactory. CFS was cooperative and prompt with information sharing. CFS was on time for work throughout job. Professional conduct daily. Work area was left clean each day. CFS adhered to plant safety requirements throughout job cycle." Jenkinsville, South Carolina

"Crew completed om time, and quality of work was pleasing. Appreciate the quick response time!" Palatka, Florida

"Keith and team were very professional. CFS Staff kept us appraised of charges as they rolled in. Equipment turned over to us in good shape for re-assembly." Sheboygan, WI

"We installed the discharge head on the pump last night and torqued all of the studs up to 9000 ft lbs with no problems. We are getting in the short roads now! Thanks again for all of your help as well as your team. Please let them know that we appreciate all of the help. You guys do great work and I would highly recommend you guys in the future. " New Hill, North Carolina

"Great input from our vendors Project Managers Mike Galbreath for WEIR and Michael Jackson for CFS. Also, WEIR and CFS has HNP experienced valve techs, supervisors, machinist, etc. There is a lot of talent on this team that has been very engaged from the beginning. I plan to forward this note to express our appreciation for their efforts." Baxley, Georgia