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Project Management


As industry has evolved, tasks become more efficient, and the "Do More With Less" mindset has driven vast changes over the course of the last couple of decades - there is a need to adapt and overcome challenges while rising above deterrents from successful projects. We have seen shifts in technology, tooling, training, and so much more that have increased production greatly. There are also evolutions of adherence to procedures and standards that drive the labor forces more and more. You must be able to work efficiently, safely, and cheaper than before. At CFS we try to remain on the bleeding edge of such advances, while placing our customers at the cutting edge of services. We will develop and design methods, tools, technology to suffice the largest of projects while pushing boundaries of capabilities to create the best possible outcome. With the comfort of expert technicians and advisors to ensure the highest quality of end product.


Specialty services include all Turbines, Pumps, Compressors, Fans, Valves, and General Equipment (Casings, Internals, Shafts, Parts, and/or Components)

100,000+ sq ft Facility with a full compliment of Machining & Welding capabilities; 50 Ton Overhead Crane Capacity

On-Site & In-House Machining; Large & Small Scale Capabilities
Rotors , Split Lines , Diaphragms & Fits , Journals , Bearing Seats , Case Boring & Fit Faces , Shafts , Couplings , Seal Strips/Tips , Stud Removal , Keyways , Threading , Weld Preps

On-Site & In-House Welding;
Fabrication , Pipe Replacement & Installation , Pre-Heat & Post Weld Heat Treatment (Thermal Ceramics) , Manual / Semi-Automatic / Automated Welding Processes and Welder Performance Qualifications , Cladding , Hard Facing , Corrosion Resistance Overlays/Inlays , Flow Accelerated Corrosion Overlays/Inlays , Weld Repair Buildup , Seal Welds , Weld Joints

Complete Valve Repair
Turn Key Valve Outage Support all Types & Sizes of Valves; (Project Management, Disassembly, inspections, Complete Refurbishment and/or Replacement, reassembly) , Gate Valve Seat Replacement , MSIV/Globe Valve Guide Rib & Seat Replacement/Repair , Pressure Seal Bore Refurbishment , Control Valve Refurbishment , Component Manufacturing & Refurbishment , Velan Valve Level 1 Service Center & Engineering Support , Powell Valve Service Center & Engineering Support

Turbine Retrofits
Diaphragm Repairs, Transverse Rib Modifications , Horizontal Joint Modifications and Repairs , IP / HP / LP Inner Casing Mounting , Nozzle Modifications , Flange & Coupling Modifications or Repairs , Bearing Housings , Much More

Pre-Fabricated Components in CFS Shop, Multi-Procedural Weld Testing and Qualifications , Weld Inspections , Code Repairs

At the forefront of all working environments is a strong requirement for safety. CFS takes this requirements as strong, if not stronger, than most. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide quality technicians and specialists to perform your tasks in the most efficient and safe manner possible. All work is monitored closely, and assigned safety leaders prior to each iteration of work. We coordinate with site personnel to ensure we conform to all standards and guidelines set forth in the local work environment(s).

Quality Programs & Other Engineering Support
“R” Stamp Certification , “PP” Stamp Certification , “NR” Stamp Certification (Nuclear Safety-Related) , 10CFR50 Appendix B Program (Nuclear Safety-Related) , Augmented Quality Support Documents , Pump Installation & Repair , Reverse Engineering

Laser Tracking & Alignment
CFS has recently implemented and trained a team of laser specialist to provide a level of service above and beyond most of our competitors. By using in-house equipment and personnel, we save the end user valuable dollars in sub-contracted costs that are not needed. We can assist from the smallest to the largest of components with our FARO® Laser Tracking System.


Complete Machining & Welding services for the Power, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Marine, Steel & Recycling industries. to discuss your next project!