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Quality Assurance & Inspection

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At Continental Field Systems, the quality of our products and services are important to us. We understand that when items aren’t built or repaired to the correct specifications, it can cause frustration and delays for our customers. That’s why we have the following quality control programs which follow the National Board Inspection Code and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. NR Stamp, R Stamp, U Stamp, S Stamp, & PP Stamp.

Our nuclear quality program meets the requirements of 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B, NQA-1, and 10 CFR Part 21. We are also audited by NUPIC every three years for compliance.

Certificates of Authorization

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NBIC - National Board of Inspection Code

10 CFR 50 Appendix B

Velan Valve

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Powell Valve

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