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Nuclear Power Industry

With nearly 100,000 megawatts of power being generated by Nuclear Facilities in the United States, and demand ever rising, there is a need to keep parts and components running smoothly. Continental Field Systems has positioned itself to be one of the best service providers within the industry.

Having served the power generation industry for over 30 years, we have gained many experiences and knowledge to carry throughout the evolution of this field.

As technology takes larger roles in the production of power and power generation monitoring, there is an increasing need to supply older units with upgraded components and/or retrofitted parts. CFS can assist with any repair or modification you need. We have assisted in complete turbine train retrofits, all the way down to supplying targeted holes and coupling fittings in the casing for thermal probes and alike.

Although serving predominately in the US, CFS has been all over the world to provide service and knowledge of getting power on the grid, and doing it safely, effectively, and efficiently.

For your next Nuclear Power project, don't hesitate to call us at CFS to discuss your needs. We have engineers and product experts ready to assist you.

AUTHOR: CFS Management

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