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Nuclear Power

From rotors to valves, CFS has serviced many of the Nuclear Industry's largest facilities, and their respective components. We can service all your turbine train and valve needs, as well as industrial maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

Oil & Gas

With many different facets to the Oil & Gas industry, CFS has positioned itself to assist, maintain, and service the smallest of components to the very large. Need someone to assess your needs? Call us today to set up an appointment. to discuss your needs.


As one of the newest and most complex engineered forms of power generation, CFS has taken steps to push itself to the forefront of service provisions. We are excited to venture even further in the near future, and sustain knowledge and resources for the future.


As so many manufactured products today use some form of chemical processing, it is imperative to maintain many different types of equipment and processes. CFS is here to help you reach these goals to surpass efficient levels of production. Time is money, and we want you to save!

Combined Cycle

Another (newer) form of power generation with developing technologies ever changing. As these technologies change, CFS will comply to our own strict guidelines to ensure we are ahead of the curve. Need to discuss a future project? Call us today!


With one of the largest machine shops in the Southeast USA, we are capable of producing components from the very small, to the largest of large parts. Our facility houses millions in technology and machines to provide end-to-end manufacturing.


Some of the largest components in the industrial spectrum, can be found inside of steel mills. With multiple moving parts involving such large pieces, maintenance can be tough. We have seen some of the largest, and we can help!


CFS resides in the Southeast USA near the coast of Georgia. Local Ships, Ports, Marinas, Cranes/Lifts/Docks are always in need of repair. CFS has provided services to many of the largest ships and service shops in the area, and abroad. No job is too large.

OEM Part Manufacturing

As the efficiency of industrial components increases, the lifespan of those items increase as well. With producers support sometimes ending before the life of a product is complete, there are times you need that special part - right away. We're here to help. Call us today to discuss any OEM projects you may have.

Industrial Components

With one of the largest machine shops in the Southeast USA, we are capable of producing components from the very small, to the largest of large parts. Our facility houses millions of dollars in technology, CNC, and manual machines to provide end-to-end manufacturing.

Our Mission Statement
CFS is an established company which sets the standard for high-quality machining and welding in-house and in the field for the energy industry and other groups. We have knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated employees which allow us to offer varying services to meet our customer's needs. We use technology and innovation to achieve an advantage over our competitors. We expect to be the preferred supplier in our industry and work hard to maintain and excel in this position. We will generate a return on investment sufficient to assure continuous improvement in quality and market growth, as well as, financial security for our employees.

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