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On-Site Welding - Auto & Manual

Whether performed automatically or manually, each and every CFS welding operator is extensively trained both in our shop and in the field with all welders and related procedures qualified in accordance with ASME Section 1X and the CFS Quality Assurance program. We have remote-controlled weld heads capable of welding small bores from 2” to large bores up to 36”. CFS also maintains a large inventory of Diametrics and ARC machine equipment, which makes us field ready for GTAW, SMAW and Auto GTAW and have even developed specialty welding equipment to fit some of the most demanding requirements. We designed, built and delivered an automatic setup to weld joints on internal spherical domes – in less than two weeks. Just imagine what CFS can do for you.Our MSIV welding system is completely automated with digital readout and capable of welding various valve seats, riblets, guide ribs and upper bores from 16” to 36” with 360º rotation and full linear axis movement to complete repair in a single set up.

Types of Welding
Gate Valve Seat Welding Automatic Welding Auto Welding Face Guide Rib Welding Guide Rib Welding Stellite Overlay Welding MSIV Welding MSIV Welding Small Gate Valve Welding Machine Automatic Valve Welding Machine