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Inventory System Upgrades

Hanel Vertical Lift Module

With the Hanel Lean-Lift® we offer you a first-class, high-tech system for storage organization and materials handling that saves time, storage space and costs, and enables a much more efficient workflow.

Over 60% more space

The Hanel Lean-Lift® uses the available room height in a similar way to a high-bay warehouse or miniload system. Unlike these, however, it stores parts in height-optimized positions so that no space is lost. This produces maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint. This in turn saves costs and helps to utilize the area dedicated to storage more economically.


Countless companies throughout the world use the Hanel Lean-Lift® to increase the cost-effectiveness of their warehousing and materials handling. Hanel also offers customized special features to get even more efficiency out of the Hanel Lean-Lift®. One highlight is the Hanel EcoDrive efficient energy recovery with the Hanel Lean-Lift®.

Ergonomic and safe

The ergonomic design minimizes the physical strain for employees at work. Hanel goes far beyond the requirements of today's safety standards.

Fast and efficient

The Hanel Lean-Lift® brings the requested item automatically to the access area in seconds, where it can be retrieved at the optimum ergonomic height. Goods to man is the motto instead of man to goods. Access times are radically reduced and order-picking performance substantially improved.

Continental Field Systems, Inc.
Contributors: CFS Management, Safety, & Procurement

CFS added 40' tall / 8' wide units, containing 79 drawer capacity @ approx 1100 lbs each. This clears up much needed real estate on the shop floor, shelves, offices, etc... We are able to catalog and assist our inventory and ERP processes dramatically, ultimately bringing quicker service to needed parties. As we assess bottlenecks and process hang-ups, we are always looking for ways to better the workflow(s). We found the (2) Modula VLM machines we had we dutiful, and served a great purpose - just wasn't enough space. As we approached multiple vendors in regards to acquiring more VLMs to amend to our existing towers, we were more than pleased with ASRS and dealing with the whole Hanel® group. Super nice folks, and very helpful. We have been up and running for a few months now and able to get a lot of inventory added and catalogued. It has placed a sense of focus on inventory throughout the team, and a nice look to our tool crib.

Security Upgrades

DSI's electronic security experts provide added safety, security, and peace-of-mind for your family. When you think about your home, you should think DSI, because whether your concerns range from security for your family, life safety issues, or pure entertainment, DSI can provide a solution for whatever your life is calling for.

DSI can create a custom security plan for any residence. We install all required hardware and actively monitor the security of your property and the health of the security system.

Electronic Security for Small Businesses

For over 40 years DSI security has been a loyal friend to the small business owner, helping them achieve their goals and assisting in protecting the assets of the many companies we call friends. At DSI we understand the concerns small business owners face and we can help you address and take action on those concerns, no matter what those concerns may be.

DSI's electronic security experts can design and install a comprehensive electronic monitoring system for your small business. Our systems are capable of alerting you the moment when a security threat is detected. We can also automatically notify the local authorities. DSI's security systems not only can provide you peace-of-mind, but they can also help lower your insurance costs.

Commercial and Industrial Electronic Security

DSI was built on a strong history of service to industries of our United States. At DSI we believe in protecting these industries from threats of all kinds, and ensuring the safety and security of the many men and woman that work in these facilities.

We can install high-level CCTV systems, access control systems, security gates, and life safety systems for small, medium, and large commercial and industrial clients.

Continental Field Systems, Inc.
Contributors: CFS Management, Safety, & Procurement

In 2015-16, CFS has teamed up with DSI Security to enhance our safety,surveillance, and asset retention. After committing to this project, we shopped multiple vendors and providers. We were happy to choose, and eventually work with DSI. We have completed the upgrade/enhancements and are very pleased with results, ease of operations, and overall safety value added.


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