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Visit Us at PowerGen 2016!

Power-Gen 2016

CFS is headed back to Orlando, and we want to see you there!

Continental Field Systems, Inc. is excited to return to Power-Gen and showcase some of our proven industry leading equipment, as well as display some of our newest developments in equipment. We have been working dilegently to bring forth new and exciting technology coupled with proven mechanical methodolgy to provide the best products and services to you, our customer!

CFS will be located in the Nuclear Power Intl section adjacent to the keynote speaker stage. We have chosen a 20' x 30' booth footprint in order to showcase as much of our resources as possible. We intend to have plenty of literature, media, and give-aways - so make sure you stop by and see us before it's all gone!

To see a mark-up copy of path to our booth, please click the image below.

Power-Gen 2016

To view the interactive map, and all up-to-date booth information, please click here......

Some of the intended equipment we intend to bring will include:

  • Our BRAND NEW CNC 3D Portable Milling Setup
  • Automatic Valve Welding - Black Magic
  • Multiple Valve Welding Machines and Mock-Ups
  • Stud Drilling & Boring Machines
  • Laser Tracking Equipment & Examples

Come meet our team! Some faces you'll see there will include:

  • Donnie Bischoff - Sales Manager
  • Keith Floyd - Senior Applications Engineer
  • Danny Long - Northeast Regional Sales
  • Glen Price - Southeast Regional Sales
  • Erich Christoph - Owner & President

Hope to see YOU there!

Continental Field Systems, Inc.
Contributors: CFS Sales Team

We at CFS take pride in our customers, vendors, and various connections. All are integral to the way we operate, so it's only fitting we cater to you when we can. We strive to bring the best in equipment and technology to ensure the best complete product/service possible. After over 30 years in the power generation industry, we have served to stay on top of standards and advancements to, not only keep pace with advancements in our field but, to also keep up with you. Your needs may differ from the next person, and we understand. We can develop and design custom solutions to meet your needs - safely, quickly, and correct. Come see us in Orlando!!!


PowerGen 2016 Trade Show Orlando FL